Hicksville Christian Church “Touching Lives with the Love of Christ!"
  Hicksville Christian Church                             “Touching Lives with the Love of Christ!"

Our Lifestyle statement

Since God’s Word is the only completely reliable and truthful authority, we accept the Bible as our manual for living. Beliefs are not worth much unless they are translated into actions…


  • The church is a place where those who feel condemned are accepted,
  • those who have fallen are restored,
  • where the hurting are healed,
  • where people who are single, divorced, widowed or orphaned feel secure and part of the family,
  • where the lost are saved;


  • We believe that this church ought to be a place where the weight of the work doesn’t rest on a few, but where everybody shares the load, and plays their part in reaching the world with the news of God’s love.


  • We believe that this church ought to be a place where the love of God in people’s hearts is so strong that gossip and criticism are rejected, and people are built up and not put down, and where unity is more important than winning an argument.


  • We believe that this church is where everyone counts, where everyone is appreciated, where everyone is valued, not because of what titles or social status one may hold, but rather because of who they are in Christ.


  • We believe that as Christians we have been impacted by God's grace and therefore need to practice grace in all of our relationships.


  • Above all, we believe that this  group of believers ought to reflect our love relationship with God as we seek to live lives of grace, honesty, and understanding with one another. 













"Now that you have purified

yourselves by obeying

the truth so that you

have sincere love

for your brothers,

love one another deeply,

from the heart."

(I Peter 1:22, NIV)

Lifting up one another in Prayer

   Office Hours

Tuesday thru Friday



Please join us on Sunday morning @ 10:30am for our weekly worship service!


Call us @ 516.935.3855

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